Wednesday, 03 October 2018

Brooches are back in vogue

Brooches are back on trend as fashionable pieces of jewellery despite being described as “old fashioned” or “too formal” for a long time.

Brooches are back in vogue
Historically, a brooch was designed as a piece of decorative jewellery pinned to a garment, usually to hold it closed. From the 1920s onwards, brooches became fashion accessories and while their popularity has dipped in recent years, they are now back on trend. Although sometimes described as “old fashioned” or “too formal” for most occasions, the brooch’s comeback could be a trickle-down effect of people’s media exposure to the likes of Queen Elizabeth, or well-known government officials such as Madeleine Albright, and aged socialites. 

The earliest known brooches date back to the Bronze Age and were used to signify rank or social status. Since the 1920s, however, stylistically speaking, the choice of wearing a brooch has been considered a bold one and, in many cases, a political one. Image and wardrobe consultant, Yatan Ahluwalia suggests a five-point rule when it comes to wearing brooches: wear a small brooch to work; make it eye-catching but not distracting; keep it the only prominent/visible accessory that you wear; contrast the colour with your garments, and lastly, keep the quirk for Fridays or weekends.

It should also be noted that the brooch you wear should depend on your profession. Konkana Bakshi, a corporate grooming and etiquette expert, advises, “A corporate or financial sector professional should avoid quirky jewellery, while those in creative industries like advertising or PR can use this to their advantage.” Nevertheless, it’s a good idea not to wear political or religious pins that may seem divisive. After all, a pin can prick too. 

Courtesy: India Times
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